Medical help where you least expect it

It’s Saturday night. Your baby is coughing and crying and you worry it is croup. Or even worse, pertussis (whooping cough). Both infections left untreated can be fatal. Your normal … Continued

Emergency Preparedness 101

Most Americans are not prepared with even the basic necessities for a emergency or disaster according to an article by ABC news. The article reports that there are more than … Continued

Bullying: bad for your health

You could not pay me to go back to high school. Bad hair, braces, uncomfortable dates, catty school girls and boy drama was enough the first time around, and I … Continued

Holiday eating: how you can survive

Holiday feasts are coming on strong, kicking off with Halloween. (What? You never had a huge pre-trick or treating meal?) While Halloween might mark the beginning of a winter of … Continued

Tips for surviving Halloween

Wicked witches, green goblins and pumpkins are going to invade neighborhood streets starting next week. Halloween is here and the laughter of children scurrying up to the house to fill … Continued

Trick or Candy Liability Waiver

Halloween is here. You have the pumpkins carved, the candy purchased and your costumes made. But don’t even think about forgetting this year’s Halloween must have: candy liability waiver. Yes, … Continued

Vitamins: the ins and outs

It seems like every time you visit the doctor you are told to take another pill. After so many visits you are downing pills left and right. After not feeling … Continued