The monstER: The Headless Horseman’s Headless Aches (Episode 4)

[youtube width=”550″ height=”550″][/youtube] Headache Causes and Treatments Headaches are fairly mysterious ailments, often arising without an immediately identifiable cause and exhibiting a wide range of variable symptoms. The ability to … Continued

The monstER: Hulk’s Anger Management Issues (Episode 3)

[youtube width=”550″ height=”550″][/youtube] How Anger Can Affect Your Health Both anger and stress trigger the release of stress hormones into the body, particularly the hormone cortisol. Anger can cause the heart … Continued

So you lost your job… now what?

In these economic times, finding a job can be a hard thing. The unemployment rate is growing as well as the underemployed (those who have skills and experience that should … Continued

The monstER: Dr. Acula’s Obesity Woes (Episode 2)

[youtube width=”550″ height=”550″][/youtube] The Negative Effects of Obesity Obesity is considered epidemic in the United States and it constitutes a serious health problem. It is linked to type II diabetes, … Continued

4 Vaccinations you need this year

And so it comes: the cold weather. Along with it comes boots, sweaters and sickness. Often associated with colder weather and winter is sickness. And with the quick change of … Continued