Super foods to solve everyday problems

In a instant gratification kind of world, it is easy to beg for a super pill. With health insurance rates and health care costs shooting through the roof, people are scrambling to find a quick fix it pill to avoid visiting the doctor.

But there is not quick fix or a magic pill. But there are certain foods that some might call magic foods. While they will not transform your life over night, they can help boost your overall health and you will notice real results by incorporating them into your diet.

Surprising foods with great health benefits:

Pumpkin. Pumpkins are not just for carving and for pie. After you scoop out the “guts” to make your Jack-o-lantern, save the insides to make a pumpkin puree- not pumpkin pie filling which will pack on extra calories that will negate the health benefits. The antioxidants in pumpkin can actual reduce the pains of arthritis by acting as an anti-inflammatory.

Beans. Beans, beans, the magical fruit…. Beans like pinto and kidney beans are healthy carbs packed with protein. Stabilizing your blood sugar is the highlight of the beans’ magical ability. They are also a essential source of protein for vegetarians and vegans who will lose their main protein source when they stop eating meat. So load up on your beans.

Cheese. An essential part of any good nachos, cheese can actually be a great source of calcium. And women who suffer from PMS (per-menstral syndrome) can alleviate cramps and other related symptoms by amping up their calcium intake. But loading up on calcium does more than just satisfy monthly problems. Calcium is essential for women who want to avoid getting osteoporosis when they are older.

Pineapple. This is my favorite part of visiting a Brazilian restaurant. Grilled or fresh, this seems more like a treat than a food that can add years on your life. First, pineapple can help you lose weight if you indulge in the fruit instead of a fatty dessert. It is also jam packed with water that will banish bloat.

Broccoli. While it is not my favorite veggie, it is hard to deny that loading up on this small green tree is beneficial to your health. For starters, broccoli is chock full of vitamins, potassium and even calcium. The bone building green helps fight off bone deterioration as well as the weakening of bone tissue.

Sweet potatoes. A Thanksgiving standby, sweet potatoes are full of fiber. While most people do not start to worry about fiber until they are older, fiber has serious benefits for all ages. Aside from being heart healthy, fiber is a great way to keep you regular, if you know what I mean. And sweet potatoes can also lower your blood pressure. Not bad for a tuber.

Quinoa. This grain has stormed onto the scene as has become a popular for those looking to add more healthy grains to their diets. While technically a seed, the grain is rich in magnesium which is known to prevent and to banish migraines.