How to keep your 401K and health insurance plan

Now you have landed your job. The key is to hang on to it for dear life. The recession has sparked many lay offs that has landed career veterans without a job. The key is to keep your 401K and health insurance plan is to make yourself indispensable. Here’s how:

* Do not slack off. This sounds pretty basic, but in a time of layoffs and budget cuts, jobs are at a premium. If the higher ups do not think you are pulling your weight, you could be the one to get the axe.
* Create value in your job. Chances are if you are not the one that has been cut then you have been given extra work to do. It is easy to buckle under the pressure, but excelling with the extra work creates value in your job, making it near impossible to get rid of you.
* Make friends. With everyone. Sounds like you are brown nosing (you know, sucking up to people), but it can really benefit you. Becoming friends with (or at least friendly) helps in many ways. It creates a stronger team unity if you know your co-workers on a better level, of course still keeping it professional. It also helps keep you in the know. Avoiding gossip traps and those who gossip is key, and I am not suggesting getting spun into their web. But knowing about what is going on in the office helps you know your standing. If the room quiets when you enter, something is wrong. You need to keep your finger on the pulse of the office. And the best benefit of all, no one wants to fire the guy everyone likes. If you get along well with everyone and avoid conflict, you will have a leg up on the person who does not get along with everybody.
* Separate work from home. This does not mean never talk about home at work because that could be a way to bond with others at work. (But keep the water cooler talk to a minimum.) This is most important for those who tend to bring home problems to work, complain about them all day, spend work hours trying to figure it out, and then go home. When you are at work, you need to be at work. And vice versa. When you are at home, do not bring work with you. 40 hours plus a week is hard enough, but to compact work stress when you go home will leave your burnt out and grouchy.
* Do not complain. This goes hand in hand with the be friendly with everyone suggestion. While you might like to complain, no one wants to hear you complain. It is a nasty and addicting habit to get into. And it will completely knock you down the totem pole of the office.

But the best way to keep your job is to do your job and do it well. Make yourself important and well-liked and take things in good stride.