International Health Insurance

Travelers all over the world are taking advantage of international health insurance in order to protect themselves while in a foreign country. There are several different types of international insurance for travelers’ protection, each with their own pros and cons and specific rules and regulations. International health insurance makes it possible for any traveler to take a trip, whether for business or pleasure, with the same peace of mind they have at home.

International Travel Medical Insurance

Travel insurance is one of the most common types of international coverage and is often used by leisure travelers who desire to protect themselves while on a trip. Some of the expenses covered by international travel insurance include transportation tickets, hotel reservations and any medical issues which arise when in a foreign country while covered under the travel policy. A good international travel insurance plan will have not only liability and property protection built in but will also have medical, disability and even death benefits for the insured.

International Health Insurance

An international health and medical insurance policy exists to provide adequate coverage for a short period of time when the policy holder is outside their home country and is designed to be convenient and easy for travelers. An international health insurance policy can be purchased for terms between five days to three years. These plans are simple: the coverage takes effect immediately and a physical exam is not a requirement for approval. Some of the events covered by international health insurance include routine doctor visits, hospitalization, surgeries and prescriptions.

Why is International Health Insurance Important?

Regular health insurance policies do not normally provide coverage for medical treatments in foreign countries. Even when they do, they may not cover things like the cost of cancelling a trip, emergency transportation back home, or child care while staying in a foreign hospital. National programs like Medicare or Medicaid do not provide international protection either. Not having international health insurance in case of issues like these can be detrimental not only to your finances, but also to your emotional, physical and mental well-being.

How to Get International Health Insurance

It is worth a shot to contact your current domestic health insurance provider to determine whether they offer coverage while you travel in another country. Before making the calls determine how long the trip is expected to be, which countries will be visited, and how many trips will be made. Many international health insurance plans only cover single trips, though others provide coverage for one year no matter how many trips are taken during that time. If they won’t cover you then you should obtain travel insurance or a stand-alone international health policy.

When traveling outside the country you should keep your health in mind—actually, think about it before you ever leave. International health insurance could be the one thing you forgot about when planning your trip, and it could be the one thing that could save your life in the event of a health emergency while abroad. Get international health insurance prior to taking your vacation to ensure you can enjoy your time away from home in safety.