Short Term Student Health Insurance

Short term health insurance is temporary health coverage designed to protect policyholders from being without coverage for a short, specified period of time. Student health insurance is coverage offered to … Continued

How to Transfer Health Insurance

It is not difficult to transfer health insurance coverage from one insurance carrier to another, but there will be many questions to answer about present health conditions and preexisting conditions. … Continued

How to Get Student Health Insurance

Student health insurance is coverage for students while they are in college, which is a transitional period for most kids. Most colleges provide student health insurance options for students to … Continued

Health Insurance for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are often faced with an increased need for health insurance, due to all the procedures associated with pregnancy. In many cases, pregnant women require multiple doctor office visits … Continued

How to Cancel Health Insurance

When someone decides to cancel health insurance on themselves or their family, it is usually because they cannot afford to continue making payments on premiums.  It also could be due … Continued